Report your box jellyfish and gelatinous plankton sightings!

If you have seen or identified box jellyfish or any kind of gelatinous organism in our coast or other areas of the Mediterranean Sea, and you would like to contribute to the study and understanding of these animals, you can add your sightings in our database.

You can enter your sighting by pressing the logo on the sidebar.

OR if you prefer you can send us an email provinding us data about:

Name of the spotter.

Location of sighting.

Date of sighting.

Do you have samples of the organism(s)? They can be stored in alcohol at 70%. (for example: add 100 ml of seawater to 200 cl alcohol 96º, the same that you can buy at the pharmacy).

Background or environment where the specimen has been collected.

Were there any other jellyfish species?

Is it the first time you see them?

Send your email to:

Get the identification cards of jellyfish species and other gelatinous organisms! You can download the file from this link.