Comunicaciones en congresos

2010– Third International Jellyfish Bloom Symposium (Mar de Plata, Argentina)

1.      Fuentes VL, Bordehore C, Atienza D, Barbera C, Roig M, Acevedo MJ, Tilves U, Lewisnky I, Bayle-Sempere JT, Gili JM. Detection of an unusual presence of the cubozoan Carybdea marsupialis at shallow beaches located near Denia, Spain (SW Mediterranean). Poster Presentation.

2.      Atienza D, Lewinsky I, Fuentes VL, Tilves U, Gentile M, Olariaga A, Gili JM, De Torres M. Nine years of jellyfish observations in Catalonia, Spain (NW Mediterranean). Poster Presentation.

2010 - Simposio Ibérico de Estudios de Biología Marina (Alicante, Spain)

3.      Acevedo MJ, Bordehore C, Fuentes VL, Atienza D, Olariaga A, Bayle-Sempere JT, Tilves U, Gili JM. Life cycle and trophic ecology of Carybdea marsupialis (Cnidaria: Cubozoa). Poster Presentation.

4.      Bordehore C, Fuentes VL, Atienza D, Roig M, Durà E, Ortiz I, Olariaga A, Acevedo MJ, Bayle-Sempere JT, Tilves U, Gili JM. Distribución de Carybdea mars (Cnidaria, Cubozoa) en Denia (Alicante, SE España). Poster Presentation.

2011- ASLO Acuatic Sciences Meeting (San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA)

5.      Atienza D, Fuentes VL, Tilves U, Marambio M, Gili JM. Impact of the new invasive ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi on the NW Mediterranean. Oral Presentation.

2011 – World Conference on Marine Biodiversity (Aberdeen, Scotland)

6.      Canepa A, Fuentes VL, Belmar MB, Acevedo MJ, Toledo-Guedes K, Bordehore C, Gili JM. Environmental factors related to the occurrence and spread potential of blooming cubomedusae Carybdea marsupialis in Southwestern Mediterranean Coasts. Oral Presentation.

7.       Acevedo MJ, Fuentes VL, Bentlage B, Straehler-Pohl I, Belmar MB, Canepa A, Gili JM. Clarifiying identity of Carybdea marsupialis (Cnidaria: Cubozoa) with morphological and genetic support. Digital poster Presentation.

2012 - International Symposium of Marine Sciences (Cádiz, Spain)

8.      Acevedo MJ, Fuentes VL, Belmar MB, Canepa A, Toledo-Guedes K, Bordehore C, Calbert A. Variación día/noche en los hábitos alimenticios de la cubomedusa Carybdea marsupialis (Cnidaria: Cubozoa) en el Mar Mediterráneo Occidental. Oral Presentation.

2013 - Fourth International Jellyfish Bloom Symposium (Hiroshima, Japan)

9.      Belmar MB, Acevedo MJ, Purcell JE, Gentile M, Fuentes VL, Canepa A. Favorable conditions for cubozoan blooms: salinity effects on asexual reproduction of Carybdea sp. (Cnidaria: Cubozoa). Poster Presentation

10.  Bordehore C, Durá E, Ortiz A, Rico I, Acevedo MJ, Canepa A, Fuentes VL. Carybdea marsupialis (Cubozoa) at a shallow beach in West Mediterranean: are they where they want to be? Poster Presentation.

11.  Canepa A, Marambio M, Fuentes VL. Modelling the spatial distribution of the invasive ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi in NW Mediterranean Sea. Poster Presentation.

2014 – ICES/ICEM (Coruña, Spain)

12.  Acevedo MJ, Fuentes VL, Belmar MB, Canepa A, Toledo-Guedes K, Bordehore C, Calbet A. Trophic ecology and potential predation impact of C. marsupialis (cnidarian: cubozoa) in NW Mediterranean. Oral presentation

2014- Workshop on Jellyfish Proliferation and Mitigation (Malta)

13.  Acevedo MJ. “Jellyfish life-cycle monitoring: study along the Spanish coast”. Oral Presentation.

14.   Alonso C. “Beach lifeguard attendance in the Spanish Mediterranean beaches: jellyfish prevails and proposals for improving risk management”. Oral presentation.

15.  Fuentes VL.“Sampling and laboratory rearing of jellyfsh”. Oral presentation.

2015 – ASLO Acuatic Sciences Meeting (Granada, Spain)

16.  Acevedo MJ, Canepa A, Zappu S, Belmar MB, Alonso C, Bordehore C, Calbet A, Fuentes VL. Coastal eutrophication may drive the native species C. marsupialis to an invader status in the Mediterranean. Oral presentation.

17.  Alonso C, Bordehore C, Sánchez-Fernández L, Canepa A, Acevedo, MJ, Nogué S, Fuentes, VL. Lifeguard asistance at Spanish Mediterranean beaches: jellyfish prevail and proposals for improving risk management. Poster presentation.

18.  Bordehore C, Fuentes VL, Segarra J, Acevedo MJ, Canepa A, Raventós J. Evaluating theoretical management strategies for the box jellyfish C. marsupialis using a matrix population model (inverse method for time series). Oral presentation.

2016 - Fifth International Jellyfish Bloom Symposium (Barcelona, Spain)

19.  Acevedo MJ, Canepa A, Bordehore C, Bosch M, Alonso C, Zappu S, Durà E, Deidun A, Piraino S, Calbet A, Fuentes VL. Seasonality, interannual variation and distribution of Carybdea marsupialis (Cnidaria: Cubozoa) in the Mediterranean coast: influence of human impacts. Oral Presentation.

20.  Alonso C, Bordehore C, Fonfría ES, Rubio-Tortosa B, Alventosa J, Falcó S, Rodilla M, Acevedo MJ, Canepa A, Fuentes VL. Micro-scale distribution of recently-detached Carybdea marsupialis box jellyfish along the coast of Dénia (W.Mediterranean). Oral Presentation.

21.  Alonso C, Escolano F, Cabria R, Bernabeu V, Arechavaleta L, Rigio P, Rubio-Tortosa B, Fonfría ES, Bordehore C. et al. Is the Mediterranean box jellyfish Carybdea marsupialis prey for Caretta caretta? Poster Presentation.

22.  Alonso C, Bordehore C, Fonfría ES, Rubio-Tortosa B, Pérez-Soler A, Acevedo MJ, Fuentes VL. Beach lifeguard intervention data as a tool for detecting jellyfish population trends and jellyfish sting “hot spots”. Poster Presentation.

23.  Bordehore C, Aledo A, Sánchez-Fernández L, Alonso C, Fuentes VL. Jellyfish information requests from tourists: Are Tourist Information Offices responding adequately? Oral Presentation.

24.  Bordehore C, Deidun A, Piraino S, Zampardi S, Alonso C, Fonfría ES, Rubio-Tortosa B, Marambio M, Fuentes VL. Jellyfish stings in Western Mediterranean beaches: epidemiology and analysis of tourist perception may support the improvement of local adaptation policy and the adoption of countermeasures in coastal areas”. Oral Presentation.

25.  Fonfría ES, Benavente D, Acevedo MJ, Fuentes VL, Bordehore C. An embedding method for the analysis of tiny statoliths: preliminary results for the Mediterranean box jellyfish Carybdea marsupialis”. Poster Presentation.