NGO ACIF Marina Alta

NGO ACIF Marina Alta (, have been developing environmental tasks in the Marina Alta region since more than 20 years. Although at the beggining (around 80s) the NGO was addressed mainly to fight against forest fires in the region (which are one of the most pressing problems in the area), the marine environment has been also included as part of the area of operation. Nowadays, the NGO is a reference in the region, both because the long history and the implication in solving environmental problems.

Since 2011, ACIF Marina Alta collaborates with LIFE CUBOMED project through partners, collaborators and professional staff with specialized marine environment training (mainly Biology and Marine Sciences) . ACIF also broadcasts LIFE CUBOMED project through their independent projects and its network of partners and supporters.

During 2011, ACIF Marina Alta has spread the LIFE CUBOMED jellyfish sighting network, specially regarding to the detection of the box jellyfish Carybdea marsupialis (target species of, through activities like cleaning seabeds in Denia, where participated more than 40 divers.