Concrete conservation actions

Determine the environmental conditions, as well as biology, behavior, movement and connectivity of Carybdea marsupialis medusa stage in Denia population.

Experimental determination of the environmental factors that could afect the development and expansion of Carybdea marsupialis medusa stage.

Study of the ecological interactions related with the settlement of the polyp (field surveys).

Controlled experiments in aquaria for testing the ecological interactions related with the polyp settlement.

Development of a control method focused in the polyp stage using preferred substrates as polyp traps.

Determine the relation between oceanographic parameters (physical, chemical and biological) and the spatial distribution of Carybdea marsupialis.

Population Modelling of Carybdea marsupialis: colonization (dispersion), population growth and decline (habitat restoration).

DPSIR conceptual model for the management of potential invasive species.