Expected results

Offer a successful method and technique for the detection and quantification of Carybdea marsupialis populations to european Mediterranean authorities in charge of marine environment and research       centres.

Improvement and restoration of 120 ha of coastal habitat that has been invaded for Carybdea marsupialis.

Eliminate more than 70% of adult Carybdea marsupialis.

Predict the evolution of Carybdea marsupialis populations in the european Mediterranean coast.

Identify and explain the impact of marine invasive species on ecosystem equilibrium, specially referring to Carybdea marsupialis in the Spanish Mediterranean.

Determine the environmental conditions that could produce the exponential growth in a population of Carybdea marsupialis.

Establishment of the consequences of those massive proliferations of Carybdea marsupialis on ecosystem integrity.

Create a complete data base about Carybdea marsupialis and other marine invasive species in the european Mediterranean. This data base will be accessible via the project website.